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It should feel good and safe to buy invoices through Invoier. We value being transparent and clear. Below we have answered the most common questions about how our business affects your company and your customers.

Selling invoices

We already use invoice financing today. Why switch to Invoier?

Invoier is the first transparent marketplace for invoice selling. This means that there are lots of buyers in one and the same place who are tempted to buy your invoice. Prices are pressed and you as a seller get the best price possible. Invoier also handles invoice handling for your customer so that you don't have to.

In addition to invoice financing, our risk engine helps to flag your company's invoices so that you can take action in good time if any of your customers are not expected to pay an invoice on time.

What does it cost?

As a seller, you pay no fees to sell an invoice in addition to what you get paid out. However, the amount you receive for the invoice is based on the current market price. On average, it is 97-99% of the invoice amount and depends, among other things, on how attractive the invoice is for the platform's various buyers.

Invoier always strives to provide small and medium-sized companies with fair capital. That's why we have built the marketplace in a way that it is never beneficial for us if you were to have a high financial cost - instead, it's in our interest to make sure you get the best price possible!

Additional info about fees

  • Interest on arrears for your customers in the event of non-payment / late payment: 18% annually
  • Reminder 1 fee for your customers in the event of non-payment / late payment despite reminders: 6 €
  • Reminder 2 fee for your customers in the event of non-payment / late payment despite reminders: 6 €
  • Collection fee for your customers in the event of non-payment / late payment despite reminders: 45 €
  • Invoier transaction fee: from 0,3.% (min. 5 € excl. VAT)
  • Service fee for non-financed invoices (only for the Invoier Partner service): 5 € excl. VAT.


Do you have to sell invoices if you create an account?

The decision to sell an invoice is entirely up to you. Having an account with Invoier costs nothing, and you do not undertake to sell anything. No bindings, no hidden fees - we really only care that your company should be able to get as good a price proposal as possible for the invoices you are considering selling.

What is needed to be able to use Invoier's services?

For companies in the financial sector, there are special requirements for customer knowledge. When registering an account, we will therefore ask a couple of questions regarding your business. By automatically retrieving information about your company through your organization number, we have designed the process so that it is experienced as simple and fast as possible. You confirm whether the information about your company is correct and answer a few additional questions (these questions concern the purpose for which you wish to use Invoier's services, as well as expected sales in the form of invoice sales). Invoier's KYC process follows the requirements of the Act (2017: 630) on measures against money laundering and financing of terrorism and the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority's regulations (FFFS 2017: 11) on measures against money laundering and financing of terrorism and follows the same structure that most institutions apply in their more or less automated KYC processes.

Who buys the invoices?

Unlike traditional factoring companies, we are not responsible for financing a transferred invoice. Instead, we have Swedish banks, investment and finance companies as buyers of invoices. All buyers have undergone our membership review. On the other hand, it is Invoier who takes over the invoice handling and handles the actual collection process from your customer. We do this in a transparent and standardized way (see What happens if the end customer does not pay the invoice?)


How is an invoice priced?

Invoier uses a unique AI engine that has analyzed hundreds of thousands of invoices and their outcomes. When an invoice is registered, companies, individuals, the industry and hundreds of other parameters are automatically analyzed in order to provide an accuracy of over 93% when it comes to IF and WHEN an invoice will be paid. It is i.a. this information that the marketplace's buyers then take into account when they compete to offer the best price for your particular invoice.


How is our customer affected?

Our goal is that your decision to sell an invoice should not affect your customer more than necessary. The same payment deadline as the original invoice applies and your customer only hears about the invoice purchase when we send out info that the invoice has been transferred. All analysis that is done before a decision on a possible invoice purchase is made without the customer being notified - for example when you upload an invoice to receive a price offer from the marketplace's buyers.


Is the invoice sold with or without repurchase clause (so-called recourse)?

Invoices are sold without a repurchase clause (so-called recourse). This means that it is Invoier and the buyers in the marketplace who take over the financing risk after an invoice has been transferred. Invoier, on the other hand, takes a so-called the surety for securing the marketplace against fraudulent invoices.

Is it possible to sell invoices where the customer is a foreign company?

No. At present, we only offer invoice sales where both supplier and customer are Swedish companies. In the future, we will offer invoice sales to companies with customers registered outside Sweden.

However, with regard to Invoier's services Subscription Financing and Order financing it is possible to obtain financing assistance even with foreign end customers and suppliers.

What happens if the end customer does not pay the invoice?

In the event of non-payment, Invoier follows a standardized process for collecting money. In the first instance, two reminders are issued with a fee of SEK 60 / pc. If your customer still does not paid, a collection claim will be issued. Invoier reserves the right to charge your customer default interest of 1.5% per month for an unpaid invoice.

The whole process takes place without any active involvement from your end. Note that the business risk, ie the risk in the event that your customer disputes the invoice, is still your responsibility as an invoice seller.

Can you sell an invoice that has already been sent to the end customer?

No. We only offer financing for new invoices that have not yet been sent to the recipient.

Do you have to sell all your invoices?

No, you choose which, how many and how often you want to sell invoices through Invoier's marketplace. Unlike other factoring companies, we never require you to sell a certain amount of invoices or tie up your company to sell invoices for a longer period of time.

Who sends the invoice to the end customer?

After the invoice has been sold, we send the invoice to your customer with a transfer text that explains that the invoice has been transferred to Invoier - of course without risking your customer relationship. To ensure that the correct invoice information is available (and for the recipient to recognize which case it is about), we also attach a reference copy of your original invoice.

What kind of invoices can be sold?

Invoier's marketplace can today handle the majority of B2B invoices where both supplier and payer are registered limited companies. However, we can unfortunately not help if:

  • The invoice payer has specifically opposed invoice transfers according to the contract
  • The invoice has already been sold or mortgaged
  • The invoice is already due or sent to the customer
  • The invoice due date is less than 30 days away
  • The total amount of the invoice is lower than SEK 5,000 incl. VAT


Who is Invoier?

Behind Invoier is a group of serial entrepreneurs and investors with many years of experience from the finance and credit industry. When over a hundred thousand companies pay SMS loan levels to finance their growth, we began to consider whether traditional factoring is really a sustainable system. We started Invoier to challenge traditional factoring by giving entrepreneurs an easier way to access capital. Our goal is to create a more transparent market where you as an entrepreneur can get paid good prices for your invoices, while you should feel confident that your customers will not be negatively affected by your decision to get finance.

Invoier är finansierat av EU and Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan och samarbetar med flera svenska banker och finansbolag. Vi har tillstånd som betalningsinstitut enligt lagen (2010:751) om betaltjänster där vi står under tillsyn av Finansinspektionen.

How should an invoice sale be handled in terms of bookkeeping?

After completing the trade, you will receive an order confirmation. This contains transaction information and instructions on how the sales of the invoice should be reported.

Are you anonymous on Invoier's platform?

Security is one of the things we prioritize the most and of course you wonder how we handle your company's data. By default, Invoier encrypts all customers' data. All invoice trading can thus take place completely anonymously on the marketplace. Sellers and buyers of invoices usually do not know each other - from each side, Invoier is perceived as a counterparty in a trade.

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