Invoier Order Financing

Postpone your payment to your suppliers

Does your company need help financing one or more orders? Solve your company financing needs with Order Financing from Invoier and avoid taking loans. It makes it easier than ever to offer your suppliers payment directly - while you yourself get between 30 and 120 days extra payment terms.
Företagsfinansiering med Invoier Inköpsfinansiering
Företagsfinansiering - erbjud er leverantör direktbetalning

Offer your supplier direct payment

Invoier contacts your supplier and offers immediate payment. Any eventual cash discounts go to your company and reduce financing costs.

Företagsfinansiering - skjut upp betalning

Postpone payment

You decide the desired payment period. Defer the payment for up to 120 days.

Företagsfinansiering - 100% finansieringsgrad

100% financing rate

Get your entire supplier invoice financed. You pay the financing cost in connection with the due date. Usually you have been paid by your customers before the supplier invoice is due.

Företagsfinansiering - bättre inköpsvillkor

Better purchasing conditions

Company financing with control. Opportunity to achieve better purchase terms through supplier bonuses, cash discounts, etc.

Frequently asked questions

How fast can you expect to receive financing?

We start the processing as soon as all material has reached us. Usually it is enough that we receive your supplier invoice, but if you know that it was a long time since you sent in your financial statements, it speeds up the process if you also send in interim figures. The processing time is normally 24 hours before you can expect to receive a final credit decision.

How much can you finance?

We make an individual assessment of your company's credit space, but intend to help finance purchase amounts from SEK 50,000 up to SEK 30 million. You choose whether you want to finance one or more supplier invoices.

What is needed to apply for funding?

For companies in the financial sector, there are special requirements for customer knowledge. When registering an account, we will therefore ask a couple of questions regarding your business. By automatically retrieving information about your company through your organization number, we have designed the process so that it is experienced as simple and fast as possible. You confirm whether the information about your company is correct and answer a few additional questions (these questions concern the purpose for which you wish to use Invoier's services, as well as expected sales in the form of invoice sales). Invoier's KYC process follows the requirements of the Act (2017: 630) on measures against money laundering and financing of terrorism and Finansinspektionen on measures against money laundering and financing of terrorism and follows the same structure that most institutions apply in their more or less automated KYC processes.

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Let Sebastian tell you more! Sebastian has many years of experience from the financial industry with a focus on corporate financing and always helps to find the solution that suits your company best.
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