We would love to hear your thoughts

Your opinion is important for us and if you have a consideration or feel discontented with any of the services we provide, or the reception you have received, your first point of contact is our Customer Service.

You can reach our Customer Service here:


020-899 444


If you, after having been in contact with us, still feel discontented, you have the possibility of making a complaint to the Invoier's Complaint Manager. To send in a complaint and get it reviewed by Invoier is always free of charge.

Complaints regarding services provided by Invoier can be sent to complaints@invoier.com or

Invoier AB
Box 2094
103 13 Stockholm

In order for us to be able to review your complaint in the best possible way, we would like you to specify your arrend as clearly as possible. Examples of what the complaint should preferably include are:

  • a description of the course of event, including relevant times
  • grounds for complaint such as settlements, correspondence, etc.
  • demand for potential financial compensation

Invoier will, by email, acknowledge receipt of the complaint and a reply will be returned within 15 business days from reception. Should it not be possible to reply within this time, Invoier will inform you of the delay and the reasons for it. Invoier will then answer at the latest 35 business days from reception of the complaint.

In case the complaint should be rejected, a written notification will be sent by email, also including the reason for refusal. If the complaint is rejected, you will also receive information about the possibility to appeal the decision with Invoier and how an external appeal can be requested. In cases where the complaint is approved without the need of a formal review, e.g. when the circumstances are based in Invoier’s own operations, you will receive a written decision indicating that the matter has not been formally reviewed.