Framtidens marknad för factoring
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Factoring 2.0

We are revolutionizing the way business is done by changing the conditions for how companies get paid. With AI technology and a more open marketplace, companies can easily assess risk and gain control of their liquidity – without having to pay unreasonable prices. Our goal: a more open market for Factoring with economic sustainability and better liquidity for SMEs as a direct effect.

Med AI-teknologi i botten och en mer öppen marknadsplats kan företag enkelt bedöma risk och få kontroll på sin likviditet – utan att betala hutlösa priser för det.

Vårt mål: en öppnare marknad för factoring med hållbarhet och bättre likviditet hos SMEs som direkt effekt.

The place for doing smart business

Better liquidity – reasonable price

By opening up the invoice trade market to non-traditional buyers, we can help entrepreneurs get better short- and long-term liquidity at a cost that is far lower than market standards.

Fast and precise risk assessment

With more parameters and an AI-based risk assessment at invoice level, our AI engine can quickly provide a precise estimate of what risk the invoice has of being paid late or not at all.

More profits for both buyers and sellers

Both the buyer and seller side win in a marketplace that is transparent and reliable. Investing in local companies also provides better welfare.

En plats för att göra bra business
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Fredrik Mistander

Our vision

We are the future’s marketplace for invoice trading. Our solutions help solving liquidity challenges, and create a safer business environment for companies in Sweden and abroad.

Fredrik Mistander, CEO Invoier

Digital meets tradition

With an idea based on an innovation from KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Invoier stands with one foot in the traditional financial world at the same time as there is a clear startup mentality.

We believe that having many years of experience from the industry we challenge – and a drive to create change – is the recipe for doing something completely new that makes the world a little better for many SMEs

Digitalt möter tradition
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    Invoier is financed by the EU and KTH Royal Institute of Technology and today collaborates with several Swedish banks and finance companies.We are registered as a financial institution with Finansinspektionen (Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority) och agerar and operate under a credit information permit from Datainspektionen (Swedish Data Protection Authority).