Fakturor – en ny typ av tillgång
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Invoices – a new type of asset

Through our market place we open up for asset managers, banks, pension funds and other investors to invest in invoices; an asset class that has been exclusively for Factoring companies – until now. 

Why invest in invoices?

You decide the risk level

Based on our risk assessment and recommendations you select the risk level that you are comfortable investing in. As such, you do not have to be an expert within Factoring to invest in invoices.

Short durations

Your investment is only locked for 30-120 days


Doing business with Invoier should be simple. As a result; we will take care of all administration and handling related to the invoices you invest in.

Support SMEs

By investing in fair invoice trading you contribute to the creation of better business conditions and lower the costs for Swedish SMEs!

Varför investera i fakturor?
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Ni bestämmer risken
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You decide the risk

We assess invoices based on default risk, risk of late payment, industry, and CSR. You choose which risk level you are comfortable investing in.

"Invoier is an innovative approach to providing liquidity to SMEs. They are creating a new marketplace and they will increase transparency in the market"

European Innovation Council

Make a difference

With Invoier’s marketplace, we create an opportunity for asset managers, financial investors and pension funds to invest in Swedish companies.

You help small and medium-sized companies to grow whilst getting a good return. Win-Win

 Invest and make a difference
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Teama upp med oss
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Team up with us 

Do you want more information about what it means to do business with Invoier? Contact Fredrik Severin to get the whole story: fredrik.severin@invoier.com