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Factoring on fair terms

Invoier believes in changing a market that today is controlled by the buyer. Through evening out the score between buyer and seller of an invoice, we create a more sustainable market and a better cash flow situation for thousands of Swedish companies.

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As a supplier you’re often stuck with long payment terms creating both short-, and longterm cash flow issues. Factoring has traditionally been the last resort – often to a very high price. It doesn’t need to be that way. Invoier’s market place helps you to get a fair market-pressed price when selling your invoices

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Risk – important to understand

Risk assessment is crucial in order to get a good idea of what you’re actually risking – both when it comes to the buyer and seller side of factoring. We assess invoice risk through an automated process looking at each invoice in a bigger context.

Invest in Invoices

Through Invoier’s marketplace banks, asset managers, pension funds, and other investors have the opportunity to invest in invoices as an asset class. An asset that factoring companies have traditionally had exclusive rights to. Your investment also leads to a sustainable invoice market that benefits Swedish SMEs and economic growth.

Invest in invoices
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”Invoier is an innovative approach to providing liquidity to SMEs. They are creating a new marketplace and they will increase the transparency in the market”

European Innovation Council

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