Invoier Partner

is our recommended financial solution for increased growth
Löpande finansiering med factoring - Invoier Partner

Is suitable when:

you want to grow faster and avoid waiting for customers' payments or you want to offer extended credits to your clients. Get all your invoices easily financed on an ongoing basis with factoring.

Benefits of Invoier Partner:

  • Instant price quote
  • Fast payments
  • No hidden fees
  • Choose whether you prefer to be the sender of the invoices or if you would like for us to handle it for you om du föredrar att vi hanterar det åt dig
  • Avoid reminder handling and following up on payments from your customers

Get a free counseling session

Henrik hjälper många av Invoiers kunder med rådgivning och förslag på finansieringsupplägg som är anpassade efter varje företags specifika förutsättningar. Vi hjälper till kostnadsfritt – kontakta Henrik!

Other recommendations:

Finansiering för företag - få råd att växa

Liquidity contribution

Do you temporarily have higher costs that are hindering you in different ways in your daily operations and that could be solved through a temporary financial contribution?

Delay Payment

Extended credit

Would you like to be able to offer your clients extended credits or accept new contracts with improved conditions? Are there cash discounts to be had at purchases?

Finansiering för företag - nöjdare kund

Seasonal variations

Does your business have extensive variations through seasonal sales, which makes it difficult to handle the liquidity on an ongoing basis?

Invoier Purchase Certificate

Contract financing

Do you have subscription customers and would prefer to receive the yearly sales immediately in order to reinvest earlier?