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Invoier Partner

Get all your invoices financed on an ongoing basis

Get your accounts receivable financed directly with factoring, regardless of when your customers pay the invoices. Invoier Partner is a service for companies that want to automate most or all of their invoice management.

Money instantly
with factoring

Don't wait for payment until due date, get paid earlier and increase the company growth rate!

Automatic invoice management

We send out the invoices to your customer and handle the invoice until it has been paid. No more manual administration or postage fees for you.

Improved liquidity

Better cash flow means you can use the money for what really matters: the growth of your business.

Competitive prices

A competitive marketplace with many buyers means that you as a seller get the best possible price for your invoices.

Frequently asked questions

We already use invoice financing today. Why switch to Invoier?

Invoier is the first transparent marketplace for invoice purchases. This means that there are lots of buyers in one and the same place who are tempted to buy your invoices. Prices are pressed and you as a seller get the best price possible. Invoier also handles invoice handling for your customer so that you avoid both administration and postage fees.

In addition to invoice financing, our risk engine helps to flag your company's invoices so that you can take action in good time if any of your customers are not expected to pay an invoice on time.

What does it cost?

As a seller, you pay no fees to sell an invoice. However, the amount you receive for the invoice is based on the current market price. On average, it is 97-99% of the invoice amount and depends, among other things, on how attractive the invoice is for the platform's various buyers.

What is needed to take part in the service?

For companies in the financial sector, there are special requirements for customer knowledge. When registering an account, we will therefore ask a couple of questions regarding your business. By automatically retrieving information about your company through your organization number, we have designed the process so that it is experienced as simple and fast as possible. You confirm whether the information about your company is correct and answer a few additional questions (these questions concern the purpose for which you wish to use Invoier's services, as well as the expected turnover in the form of invoice sales).

Invoier's KYC process follows the requirements of the Act (2017: 630) on measures against money laundering and financing of terrorism and the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority's regulations (FFFS 2017: 11) on measures against money laundering and financing of terrorism and follows the same structure that most institutions apply in their more or less automated KYC processes.

Can't find what you're looking for?

Being able to offer customers the payment times they are used to is a must, but it places great demands on a really efficient cash flow. I want to use our money not just once or twice per month, but maybe four or five times! 

Patrik Embermark

CEO & Founder, Enter Sales & Distribution

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