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Invoier - marknadsplats för factoring


Get money for your customer invoices faster with factoring.

  • Improved cash flow
  • Released capital
  • No more waiting for customer payments
  • Less invoice admin
Invoier - marknadsplats för factoring


Instant access to the entire year's sales.

  • Get paid up front
  • Improved cash flow
  • Offer your customers more flexible payment plans
  • Especially suitable if you sell subscription services, such as SaaS
Invoier - marknadsplats för factoring


Get help financing an order.

  • Get the entire supplier invoice financed
  • Postpone payment for your own purchases up to 120 days
  • Your supplier receives money immediately
Invoier - loan

Company loan

Best price from 18 lenders with a single application

  • Non-binding with annual interest from 5%
  • Redeem the loan whenever without extra costs
  • Fast payout
  • In collaboration with BestRate

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