1. Only for companies in financial distress

It’s a common mistake to think that factoring is only useful when a company has financial challenges, such as a low credit score or clients who are not paying. But actually, every 5th company in Sweden uses factoring today, often with the purpose of releasing their own capital in order to re-invest, in order to increase growth rate, investing in equipment, hiring staff or reach other competitive advantages. It’s simply an easy and clever way to improve possibilities for your company.

2. Factoring is expensive

Invoier exists with the purpose of improving the conditions for small and medium sized companies. That’s why we have created Sweden’s first marketplace for invoices, where we help sellers and buyers to connect and where prices are pushed down in real time to offer the best possible quote for your invoice. On average our clients receive 97-99% of the invoice amount when using the marketplace. Good to know is also that Invoier’s services aren’t binding, having an account is free and you can stop using the services at any point, without any charges.

3. You don’t get to decide when and what to sell

At our marketplace you decide how many invoices you sell and when. No matter if you want to sell a single invoice every now and then or if you prefer having us handle all of your invoices on a regular basis, we have a solution that suits your needs.

4. Customer relationships may be hurt

We know that long term and good customer relations is an important factor for success. That is why we take pride in taking care of your clients just as if they were our own. If you prefer handling the invoices towards your clients yourself, that works just as fine. Only you know what suits your business best.

5. You need to switch bank - difficult to get started

Today many business owners outsource parts of their activities to specialized subcontractors that complement their regular bank services. Simply because specialized companies can offer better terms within their specific field.

Factoring can be done in several ways and be adapted after your company’s needs and requirements. See our services and get in touch for free counseling.

Interested in factoring? Let Patrik tell you more

20 years of experience from the financial industry with senior positions within SEB, Ikano Bank and Aros Kapital. At Invoier, Patrik is responsible for partner contact and sales.