Invoier Order Financing

Postpone your supplier payments

Does your company need help financing one or more orders? Increase your growth through order financing and avoid taking loans. Offer your suppliers payment directly - while getting between 30 and 120 days longer payment time.

Företagsfinansiering med Invoier Inköpsfinansiering
Företagsfinansiering - erbjud er leverantör direktbetalning

Offer direct payment

Offering your suppliers direct payment can results in discounts that far exceed the financing costs.

Företagsfinansiering - skjut upp betalning

Postpone payment

You decide the desired payment period. Postpone payment up to 120 days.

Företagsfinansiering - 100% finansieringsgrad

100% financing rate

You decide the desired payment period. Postpone payment up to 120 days.

Du får enfaktura från din leverantörInvoier betalar fakturan till din leverantörDu betalar Invoier30 daysIdag30-90 dagar
You receive supplier invoice Invoier pays your supplier You pay Invoier 30 days Today 30-90 days

Example calculation with cash discount:
You have purchased a product from a supplier for SEK 100,000. You wish to receive 30 days longer payment period than what the supplier offers. Invoier pays your invoice directly (so you can take advantage of a cash discount).

Invoice amount 100 000 kr
Cash discount (ex. 3%) -3 000 kr
Invoier’s fee (ex 1.2%) 1 200 kr
You pay Invoier on day 30 98 200 kr
Profit (margin improvement) 1 800 kr
Improved profit 1.8 %

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