Don't wait.
Get your invoices paid today.

Buyers compete for the best price for your invoices

Don't wait.
Get your invoices paid today.

Buyers compete for the best price for your invoices

Don't wait.
Get your invoices paid today.

Buyers compete for the best price for your invoices


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Selling invoices?
What’s it all about

Selling your invoices is an effective way to strengthen the company's cash flow. Invoice financing can solve problems in connection with customers that take long time to pay your invoices, or difficulties in obtaining other financing options. You will be paid money for your sold services and products already on day 1 - at the same time as you can strengthen your customer relationships by offering longer payment terms.

Invoier is the first transparent marketplace for invoice purchases. This means that there are several buyers in one and the same place who compete to buy your invoices. Prices are pressed and you get the best possible deal. Invoier also handles the invoice handling towards your customer.

See how much money you can get for your invoices by sending them to us. Register your company today. The application only takes two minutes and is of course non-binding.

Our services

Money today or a long-term financing partner

Invoier helps your company become competitive: we offer digital solutions for liquidity and payment management for invoices. Explore the possibilities below.


Get all your invoices financed. Automatically.

  • Get paid right away
  • Avoid administrative invoice handling towards your customers
  • Get rid of postage fees


Get specific invoices financed.

  • Instant price quote
  • Get paid right away
  • Best market price
  • Avoid administrative invoice handling towards your customers
  • No lock-in period or hidden fees


Instant access to the entire year's sales.

  • Get paid up front
  • Improved cash flow
  • Offer your customers more flexible payment plans
  • Especially suitable if you sell subscription services, such as SaaS


Get help financing an order.

  • Get the entire supplier invoice financed
  • Postpone payment for your own purchases up to 120 days
  • Your supplier receives money immediately

We use Invoier as it means that our invoices are sold on a competitive marketplace. Prices are being pushed to our advantage and it feels like trading is done on our terms rather than on the factoring company's.

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Wanna drive the change?

The Story

Our goal is to improve the conditions for companies to get access to capital, and that doing so should be on fair market terms.

We have experience from running small and medium-sized companies and know all too well how important liquidity is, as well as how difficult it can be to get growth capital. That is why we have built a marketplace to provide access to capital on the best possible terms. One of the cornerstones of Invoier's offering is our unique AI engine that analyzes both IF and WHEN an invoice will be paid. Another cornerstone is giving new types of investors the opportunity to provide capital. The result is transparency and more competitive deals for you as a customer.

Invoicer is financed by the EU and KTH (Royal Institute of Technology), and act with permission from the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority and the Swedish Privacy Agency.

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